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The first photodynamic drug with anti-metastatic activities

By Maja Bosanac
18 June 2013

melanomatreathiresResearchers at the University of Zurich have devised and successfully tested the first potential anticancer drug which has excellent properties as a photodynamic therapy (PDT) agent as well as potential anti-metastatic activities in vivo. Namely, this new agent destroys melanoma skin cancer cells and blocks the spread of the cancer to other sites in the… »


Femtosecond laser creates metal that can defy gravity

By Damir Beciri
5 June 2009

university-rochester-metal-slab-pumps-water-uphill.jpgIn nature, trees pull vast amounts of water from their roots up to their leaves through capillary action, but now scientists at the University of Rochester have created a simple slab of metal that lifts liquid using the same principle – but does so at a speed that would make nature envious. The technology could be… »