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Novel solar-microbial device harnesses sun and sewage to produce hydrogen

By Maja Bosanac
13 October 2013

hanyu-wang-300Collaboration between researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) and researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) resulted in development of a solar-microbial device that produces hydrogen gas and electricity using sunlight and wastewater as the only energy sources. By combining solar and microbial technology, it provides a sustainable energy source while improving… »


LEXI robot aids in explosive testing

By Damir Beciri
10 November 2012

llnl-lexi-robotResearchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have devised a new robot used for explosive tests in the National Explosives Engineering Sciences Security (NEXESS) Center. The platform they chose as a base for their robot is iRobot Packbot 510 – a robot manufactured by the same company that created the Roomba vacuum-cleaning robot –… »

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Cyclen – CO2-removing catalyst which mimics natural enzymes

By Damir Beciri
26 May 2012

cyclen-catalaystCurrent method of removing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flues of coal-fired power plants usually requires complicated systems which require a lot of energy and maintenance. A group of researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory came up with Cyclen – a small-molecule catalyst that mimics the behavior of natural enzymes which… »


Better electronics? Nanoelectronic transistor combined with biological machine

By Damir Beciri
13 August 2009

integrated-circuitThe electronic devices could get a boost in operating efficiency if manmade devices could be combined with biological machines. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have developed a versatile hybrid platform that uses lipid-coated nanowires to build prototype bio-nanoelectronic devices. Combined biological components in electronic circuits could enhance bio-sensing and diagnostic tools, advance neural prosthetics… »