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Longevity of light bulbs and how to make them last longer

By Damir Beciri
17 Comments8 June 2012

light-bulb-longevity-robaidEverybody would like to buy a light bulb which lasts at least as long as the box you bought it in claims it will. However, as I mentioned in the definite guide for declaration found on light bulb packages, the longevity of light bulbs is usually much shorter than it is declared on their package…. »


More affordable LEDs manufactured on silicon

By Damir Beciri
4 Comments7 February 2012

led-emitting-light-on-a-6in-silicon-waferLight-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are envisioned as replacement for incandescent light bulbs, which are being phased out by the EU. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique that could lead to production of more affordable LED light bulbs. Aside making them more affordable, the researchers claim their discovery could have a… »