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Fire ants inspire principles of underground locomotion

By Damir Beciri
2 June 2013

fire-ants-1Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) researchers studied fire ants to uncover fundamental principles of locomotion that could be applied on teams of robots which travel through underground tunnels. Among the study’s findings, the researchers were surprised by the first observation that ants in confined spaces use their antennae for locomotion as well as for… »

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Scalybot 2 movement inspired by snake rectilinear locomotion

By Damir Beciri
21 January 2012

scalybot-2All-terrain robots for search-and-rescue missions must be flexible enough to move over uneven surfaces, and be able to squeeze themselves into tight spaces. Many engineers and researchers have been inspired by nature’s way to solve this problem and the develop snake like robots that could be up to the challenge. Georgia Tech researchers have designed… »

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Sandfish lizard motion biomimicry used for robot development

By Damir Beciri
One Comment26 June 2010

sandfish-lizard-under-sandTo survive in its hot habitat, the sandfish lizard (Scincus scincus), like other desert-dwelling creatures, spends a lot of time underground. Unlike other creatures that live in burrows or sand traps, this lizard moves over and through the sand in its own unique way. That movement intrigued researchers and inspired them  to develop a robot… »