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Using laser beams for precise 3D printing

By Damir Beciri
31 August 2012

3d-photograftingResearchers at the Vienna University of Technology developed a method which employs laser beams in order to perform 3D printing able to attach molecules at a desired place. Named 3D-photografting, the method could be used to grow biological tissue or to create precisely printed micro sensors with adequate marker molecules placed at to react with… »


Climbing plants inspire self-healing membranes

By Damir Beciri
One Comment25 September 2011

empa-polyurethane-foam-membraneSwiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) researchers have been inspired by climbing plants to develop a polymer foam surface coating with a closed cell construction capable to reduce the pressure loss after the membrane is damaged. Aside making future inflatable structures more resistant, the technology could provide them with a longer operational… »


Lighter and stronger steel needs less than 10 seconds to be processed

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments10 June 2011

flash-bainite-steel-1A Detroit entrepreneur surprised university engineers when he invented flash processing – a heat-treatment process which lasts only 10 seconds and it makes steel stronger and more shock-absorbing than the most common titanium alloys used by industry. Now the entrepreneur is working with researchers at Ohio State University (OSU) to better understand the science behind… »


Novel Ionic Liquid batteries demonstrated by NRL scientists

By Rob Aid
One Comment19 April 2011

nrl-emihso4Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)  Materials Science and Technology Division are developing novel, lightweight energy storage devices. Rather than depend on highly acidic electrolytes, ionic liquids are used to create a solid polymer electrolyte composed of an ionic liquid and polyvinyl alcohol, thus developing novel types of solid state batteries with discharge voltages… »