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Inexpensive rapid diagnostic tests inspired by nature

By Damir Beciri
2 October 2012

bioinspired-medical-diagnostic-tests-teamAn international group of researchers led by researchers from the UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) bioengineered inexpensive medical diagnostic tests that take only a few minutes to yield results. These tests could find their use in new point-of-care devices for quick medical diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), allergies, autoimmune diseases, and a wide variety of… »


Nanotechnology dramatically improves medical diagnosis

By Damir Beciri
1 June 2012

princeton-chou-group-1Princeton University researchers developed a new nanomaterial which dramatically improves the sensitivity of immunoassays – a common medical test which mimics the action of the immune system to detect the presence of chemicals associated with diseases. According to researchers, their method increases the sensitivity over 3 million times more sensitive compared to other similar tests…. »