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Biomimicry could help development of self-cleaning materials

By Rob Aid
One Comment10 June 2009

dropletHumans have always wondered how water beads roll off flowers, as well off caterpillars and some other insects, and how insects like water striders are able to walk on water. It’s a property called super hydrophobia. Self-cleaning counter tops, fabrics, walls, even micro-robots that can walk on water – all those things and more could… »


World’s First Flying Microrobot

By Damir Beciri
16 April 2009

flyingmikrobot.jpgA flying micro-robot has been developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. A research team, led by Professor Mir Behrad Khamesee, manipulates magnetic fields to levitate and move around three axes a robot weighing about three-hundredths of an ounce. The micro-robot discovery provides researchers with more control over the micro scale environment,… »