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GIGIWAY Piano and Violin Learning Pen for novice musicians

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments25 March 2010

gigiway-piono-and-violin-learning-penGIGIWAY Piano and Violin Learning Pen adopts advanced light sensor identification technology and comes with a complimentary encoded music book. Only slightly point at any recognizable part of the music book, standard and clear piano performance or learning instruction can be heard immediately. This function brings lots of fun and convenience to piano learners and… »

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Noteput – an interactive music table with tangible notes

By Damir Beciri
17 February 2010

noteput-1Although it isnt’t hard to teach a child to play some tune on the piano or strum the guitar, teaching classical music notation is a bit more difficult in most cases. The Noteput table concept from designers Jonas Heuer and Jürgen Graef attempts to make learning music theory fun, and also more effective, by making… »