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NEC PaPeRo robot used to provide activities information to elderly

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments11 February 2011

nec-papero-robotPaPeRo (Partner-type-Personal-Robot) – a personal robot from NEC Corporation – has been developed since 1997. It is being developed to interact with people and provide them with more information or entertain them. Due to increasing number of elderly people living alone, the folks from NEC conducted a research where they programmed PaPeRo to provide them… »

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NEC unveils their Retinal Imaging Display named Tele Scouter

By Damir Beciri
7 November 2009

nec-retinal-imaging-displayAfter writing about augmented reality glasses, the potential of see-through LED displays, and SixthSence, and even announcing the potential of retinal displays, we’re going to write about several Retinal Imaging Display devices meant to enhance our living in some manner. According to Japanese manufacturer NEC, foreign language dictionaries could be a thing of the past…. »

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NEC announces LED light bulb production

By Damir Beciri
5 Comments26 August 2009

nec-led-light-bulbMany companies that produce light bulbs are slowly changing their production lines due to new laws that ban ordinary, incandescent, light bulbs. There are many alternative technologies as white-light LEDs, oLEDs (we wrote about those in one of our previous articles), plasma light bulbs, CFL’s, etc. NEC Lighting Ltd announced their release of two types… »