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Novel use of ultrasound in medicine and for brain stimulation

By Maja Bosanac
2 Comments19 July 2013

brain-1Researchers at the University of Arizona (UA) have discovered that ultrasound vibrations applied to specific areas of the brain may affect patients’ moods. This finding could lead to new treatments for various psychological and psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. It could pave the way for a broad range of new applications of ultrasound… »


Photovoltaic retinal prosthesis with high pixel density

By Damir Beciri
One Comment23 May 2012

stanford-retinal-prosthesisScientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have devised a system that could ultimately be used to restore sight to people who have lost vision due to certain types of degenerative eye diseases. Although their results were achieved on rat retinas, the scientists are now testing the system in live rats, taking both physiological… »


Mind “reading” – What do you have to hide?

By Damir Beciri
28 November 2009

tinfoilhatHaving the ability to read someone’s mind with a “thought machine” has been developed more intensively during the last decade. Scientists showed that they could guess a person’s memory simply by looking at the electrical activity of the brain. They have found that spatial memories can be “read” by a brain scanner so that it… »