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Alderaban Robotics reveals NAO Next Gen robot

By Damir Beciri
5 Comments9 December 2011

nao-next-genAlthough it was originally released in 2005 as a robot meant for entertainment, the first time we wrote about little robot NAO was in 2009 in our article about 2009 RoboCup. Aldebaran Robotics recently surprised us and released a new and improved version of the NAO robot they dubbed NAO Next Gen. NAO Next Gen… »


3D xyZ Display – 3D TV from Zero Creative

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 July 2009

xyz-faraoSince we’re currently not so close to mass production of hologram machines, the 3D television presents the next big thing or it is going to be a transition between television and the new generation of multimedia. Zero Creative, a company from Holland, keeps on spreading the application of their special “true” xyZ 3D display which… »