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Bionics| Tech»

Marine bacterium enzyme helps in fight against tooth decay

By Damir Beciri
One Comment1 August 2012

seaweed-enzyme-fights-tooth-decayA team of researchers from Newcastle University was investigating the use of an enzyme isolated from a marine bacterium (Bacillus licheniformis) found on the surface of seaweed in order to develop an environmentally friendly way to clean the hulls of ships, but that research led to development of a new product which can be used… »

Gadgets| Tech»

Digital kitchen could teach you foreign languages and their cuisine

By Damir Beciri
3 Comments24 October 2011

digital-kitchenIf you are one of those persons who like to multitask and train their brain by trying something new, here is a research you might find interesting. Language experts and computer scientists at Newcastle University came up with a digital kitchen which brings language learning out of the classroom and combines it with an enjoyable… »


BacillaFilla bacteria can repair cracks in concrete

By Damir Beciri
One Comment18 November 2010

bacillafilla-newcastle-university-igem-teamA bacteria that can knit together cracks in concrete structures by producing a special ‘glue’ has been developed by a team of students at Newcastle University. The genetically-modified microbe has been programmed to swim down fine cracks in the concrete. Once at the bottom, BacillaFilla produces a mixture of calcium carbonate and a bacterial glue… »


Wearable weapon detection for the police force of the future

By Damir Beciri
11 June 2009

robocop-featA new system that enables weapon detection for the police force of the future is being developed in the UK. The research is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office Scientific Development Branch. The Metropolitan Police Force is currently testing the scanner which is hoped… »