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Using water and air to create bistable optical displays

By Damir Beciri
One Comment20 June 2012

aalto-water-and-air-bistable-optical-displays-1An international team of researchers led by Aalto University have come up with a concept of writing and displaying information on surfaces using simply air and water. The researchers are using an interesting property of superhydrophobic surfaces when they are submerged into water. The microscopic structures on their surface prevent the water from contact with… »


Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge reveals some of their research

By Damir Beciri
1 October 2010

nano-hair-cambridge-nokiaThe Nokia Research Center in Cambridge was set up in 2007 as a partnership with the University of Cambridge. Soon after it was established, the Morph Concept was unveiled, to help build a picture of where the research at the labs was heading. They recently demoed three different strands of their research and those are… »


Chargers standardization and new ways to charge your cell phone

By Damir Beciri
One Comment29 June 2009

usb-and-micro-usbGreat news regarding cell phones and charging – soon there will be no more asking around the office for the right sort of charger and you’ll need to recharge less often than before. The world’s leading cell phone makers announced today that they will ensure that their data-enabled phones and chargers will all work together… »