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New technology improves light polarization in LC projectors

By Damir Beciri
19 July 2012

imagineoptix-pg-pcs-1Researchers from North Carolina State University and ImagineOptix Corporation have developed new technology which provides a major breakthrough for projectors that use liquid crystal (LC) technology. The new technology could lead to projectors which are smaller, nearly two times more efficient and more affordable, thus enabling their longer battery life and significantly lower levels of… »


Mantis shrimp eyes could inspire new optical device development

By Damir Beciri
25 October 2009

mantis-shrimpThe mantis shrimps found on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and have the most complex vision systems known to science. They can see in twelve colors (humans see in only three) and can distinguish between different forms of polarized light. The research of the sea shrimp’s remarkable eye, that could inspire a new generation… »