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Rubber film used to create touch-sensitive artificial skin

By Damir Beciri
15 September 2010

stanford-artificial-skinAs we already wrote in our previous articles, scientists around the world are working to develop pressure sensors for artificial skin which could be applied on prosthetic limbs or robots. By sandwiching a precisely molded, highly elastic rubber layer between two parallel electrodes, the team from Stanford University created an electronic sensor that can detect… »


Fuji Soft PALRO – a hobby robot with useful features

By Damir Beciri
One Comment1 February 2010

fuji-soft-palro-robot-pal-0Fuji Soft Inc.’s new humanoid robot platform for hobbyists and researchers has been given the name PALRO. According to its makers, the name PALRO (JP) is a combination of the words PAL (friend) and RObot. The robot combines Fuji Soft’s software with an open architecture, giving the developers a plenty of room to experiment. The… »