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Bloom Box fuel cell system provides cleaner power

By Damir Beciri
One Comment25 February 2010

bloom-box2Bloom Energy Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based company committed to changing the way people generate and consume energy, announced today the availability of the Bloom Energy Server, a patented solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology that provides a cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable alternative to both today‚Äôs electric grid as well as traditional renewable energy… »

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Green architecture – HPA Energy Lab in Hawaii

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments14 January 2010

hpa-energy-lab-buildingHawaii is subject to the high energy costs, partially because of its dependency on non-renewable energy sources. On the other hand, the very isolation from the mainland can also be beneficial for renewable energy sources as wind and solar harnessing, tidal and geothermal energy. The Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab concept was developed at a… »