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I-FAIRY robot presented by Kokoro at CES 2010

By Damir Beciri
11 January 2010

kokoro-i-fairyThe makers of the Actroid robot developed a similarly applied, yet less spooky robot. Kokoro Co. Ltd.’s I-FAIRY robot was unveiled at CES 2010 in Las Vegas last weekend. The “i” in its name stands for intelligent-information-icon, and as its name suggests, it’s an information robot based on the image of a fairy. Unlike the Actroid… »

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Top 5 articles regarding robots in 2009

By Rob Aid
5 January 2010

top-5-articles-regarding-robots-robaidContrary to the popular opinion, Karel Capek, the author of RUR is not the inventor of the word robot. The word which is derived from the Czech noun “robota” meaning “labor” is an accomplishement of Capek’s older brother, the cubist painter and writer Josef Capek. Today, robots are becoming widely applied for medical, military, exploring,… »

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Is Roomba’s throne at risk? Neato XV-11 maps obstacles

By Damir Beciri
26 December 2009

neato-xv-11-1In our last article we started a mini-series named “Is Roomba’s throne at risk?” where we wrote about AGAiT Technology E-Cleaner EC01. Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup, is pioneering new products to free people from household chores, introduced a new home robot vacuum cleaner that raises the bar for automated floor cleaning. The Neato… »


E-nuvo HUMANOID robot to be used in educational purposes

By Damir Beciri
21 December 2009

nit-zmp-e-nuvo-humanoid-robotWe’re glad the development of humanoid robots made for help or entertainment hasn’t ceased yet. Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT), Harada Vehicle Design, ZMP, and ZNUG Design have developed a humanoid robot for educational purposes in order to offer their students a better access to robot development. The university adopted 35 of ZMP’s e-nuvo WALK… »


Robot Robovie-II helps the elderly buy their groceries

By Damir Beciri
16 December 2009

robot-robovie-ii-asists-in-shopping1When we started this website we wanted to focus on robots made to aid us in various circumstances. Assisting the elderly is certainly one of the more noble jobs they can be given, and that’s just what Robovie-II, the creation of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) has been programmed to do. For the… »