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Scalybot 2 movement inspired by snake rectilinear locomotion

By Damir Beciri
21 January 2012

scalybot-2All-terrain robots for search-and-rescue missions must be flexible enough to move over uneven surfaces, and be able to squeeze themselves into tight spaces. Many engineers and researchers have been inspired by nature’s way to solve this problem and the develop snake like robots that could be up to the challenge. Georgia Tech researchers have designed… »


New algorithm leads to more efficient robots with predictable movement

By Damir Beciri
26 September 2011

mit-asypmotically-optimal-path-planning-for-manipulationResearchers from MIT combined two innovative algorithms developed there to build a new robotic motion-planning system that calculates much more efficient trajectories through free space. Although such tasks seem intuitive and simple to us, most of the existing path finding algorithms rely to collision avoiding rather than finding more efficient paths between the robot’s initial… »