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Using natural hydrothermal vents as deep-sea batteries

By Maja Bosanac
9 November 2013

rov-and-using-power-from-hydrothermal-vents-1Collaboration between researchers at the RIKEN Institute, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science, and University of Tokyo resulted in development of a robust robotic system that uses natural hydrothermal vents on the sea floor to generate electricity. This novel system is simple and corrosion-resistant, and it could be used to revolutionize ocean exploration and improve our… »

Bionics| Robotics»

CORBYS Mobile Robot-assisted Gait Rehabilitation System

By Damir Beciri
15 March 2013

cognitive-robot-assisted-gait-rehabilitation-systemIn Europe, strokes are the most common cause of physical disability among the elderly. Researchers in six European countries are currently developing a robotic system designed to help stroke patients re-train their bodies. Gathered in the CORBYS project, the researchers have a goal to create a system that can help stroke patients with training, motivation… »

Architecture| Robotics»

Machine Metabolism project – robots capable to climb and build structures

By Damir Beciri
2 March 2012

cornell-blum-machine-metabolism-robotIn one of our previous articles, we wrote about two ideas that employ robots building construction, but researchers from Cornell University came up with a different approach in a project named Machine Metabolism – Truss Structure Manipulation using Robots. The project involves a robotic system capable to break down modular elements and reuse them to… »

Architecture| Robotics»

Using robots to construct buildings

By Damir Beciri
One Comment3 December 2011

robot-architecture-1With each day, robots are becoming more popular and affordable, and they find new applications in various fields such as aid in manual labor or entertainment. Robots use in architecture hasn’t been around aside performing such tasks in video games and science fiction, but professorship of Gramazio & Kohler plans to change that fact and… »


Delta Direct Drive robot capable to perform over 200 operations per minute

By Damir Beciri
14 November 2011

delta-robot-epflIn the early 1980s, the industry was in need for a new type of robot capable to manipulate light and small objects at a very high speed. Since necessity is the mother of invention, Reymond Clavel from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) committed to find a solution and came up with the Delta… »


UCSF uses robotic system to process their patient’s medications

By Damir Beciri
One Comment13 March 2011

ucsf-medicine-robotic-systemThe folks at the UCSF Medical Center have started to use a robotic system which is responsible for counting and processing of their patient’s medications. The new pharmacy currently serves UCSF hospitals at Parnassus and Mount Zion and has the capacity to dispense medications for the new UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, scheduled to… »