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Peratech Limited QTC – new generation of tactile robotic skin?

By Damir Beciri
One Comment7 March 2010

qtc-roboticsAs robotic devices continue to make inroads to our daily life, their ability to understand the presence and interaction with humans and other objects within a space becomes critically important. Peratech Limited, a company devoted to the development of new materials designed for touch technology, has announced that they have been commissioned by the MIT… »

Bionics| Robotics»

Biomimicry of fish lateral line for future robots and submarines

By Rob Aid
14 February 2010

fish-neuromastThe lateral line is a hydrodynamic imaging system found in fish and aquatic amphibians enables them to accomplish a variety of underwater activities such as localization of moving prey or predators, detection of stationary objects, schooling without colliding and social communication. It consists of numerous hair cell sensors called neuromasts which are distributed all over… »

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Is Roomba’s throne at risk? New version of LG RoboKing

By Damir Beciri
4 Comments27 December 2009

lg-vr5901kl-robotic-vacuum-cleanerAfter writing about E-Cleaner EC01 and Neato XV-11 we’re going to write about robotic vacuum cleaner(s) from LG Electronics. After the big failure of their too expensive (yet not more functional) first version of RoboKing, they decided to develop a better and cheaper robot that could compete with Roomba. Although the new RoboKing isn’t available… »

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Glowing bacterias present a cheap solution for landmines detection

By Damir Beciri
One Comment20 November 2009

minefieldIt is estimated that there are between 15,000 and 20,000 annual casualties caused by landmines and unexploded explosive devices, according to the charity Handicap International. Some 87 countries contain minefields including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somalia, Mozambique, Cambodia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Scientists have developed a simple, cheap, and yet accurate test to find undetected landmines. Students… »