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NanoTech Security KolourOptiks – butterly inspired anti-counterfiet technology

By Damir Beciri
One Comment16 June 2013

nanotech-security-1Using nature inspired technology to stop counterfeiting and enhance brand design has been around for the last five years, however, recent advancements and award given to Nanotech Security Corp. made us bring back this subject we covered back in 2010, when we wrote about Cambridge scientists that discovered a way to mimic the colors found… »

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TBCP-II robot uses gecko tape coated belts to climb smooth surfaces

By Damir Beciri
31 October 2011

tbcp-ii-robotDrawing inspiration from the gecko, researchers from the Simon Fraser University (SFU) have been able to create adhesives that carefully mimic the toe pads of the lizard that give it the amazing ability to climb smooth vertical surfaces. They used those adhesives on belts used by Timeless Belt Climbing Platform (TBCP-II) – a tank-like robot… »