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Architecture| Tech»

Green architecture – Charles Hostler Student Center in Beirut

By Damir Beciri
6 September 2009

charles-hostler-student-center2In this article we’re going to describe another great architectural achievement made for educational purpose. The Charles Hostler Student Center is in the campus of the American University of Beirut, and it provides a model for environmentally responsive design that meets the social needs of the campus and the larger region. It offers competitive and… »


Solé Power Tiles – roofing tiles generating electricity

By Damir Beciri
4 Comments24 August 2009

sole-power-tilesBesides building green surfaces on our roofs we need solar energy harnessing. Shouldn’t our roof tiles accomplish that? Guys from SRS Energy surely think so. Solar energy is a renewable alternative to power plants that burn fossil fuels, finite resources that contribute to pollution, global warming, as well as the reliance on imports for our energy… »

Bionics| Tech»

Biomimicry of heliotropic plants – more efficient solar panels

By Damir Beciri
6 Comments30 May 2009

sunflowerslg005.jpgMany plants are heliotropic, gradually tilting towards the sun to optimize solar energy capture. Current sun-tracking solar panels involve the use of motors and electronic control systems, but we believe a biomimetic heliotropic solar panel can be created with the use of alternative materials and designs. Practically, the heliotropic solar panel could be useful in… »


Two methods to produce graphene nanoribbons

By Damir Beciri
11 May 2009

nanoribbon.jpgYou remember we wrote about carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in one of our previous articles? Two groups of researchers have found ways to unfold CNTs in order to make nanoribbons of graphene. The experts claim that the development could point the way towards a new generation of electronics, including computer chips that are faster and tinier… »