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Using 3D printers to make octopi-inspired underwater propulsion

By Damir Beciri
4 July 2013

fraunhofer-ipa-octopod-propulsion-1Octopods, such as octopuses and squids, are considered to be the most intelligent invertebrates. Their ability to flee fast when in danger by swimming head first inspired researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute to develop a silent propulsion system for boats and water sport devices. The system can be produced at a low cost and in… »


Using smart materials to mimic squid and zebrafish camouflage

By Damir Beciri
One Comment2 May 2012

color-changing-clothesInspired by extraordinary camouflaging abilities of organisms such as squid and zebrafish, a group of researchers from the University of Bristol have created artificial muscles that can change their state and appearance at the push of a button, and demonstrated two different transforming mechanisms that could lead to new clothes with camouflaging tricks analogous to… »