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Top 5 articles regarding green architecture in 2009

By Rob Aid
4 January 2010

top-5-articles-regarding-green-and-sustainable-architecture-robaidAfter we wrote about combination of art and technology, it was natural to shift to a theme related to green architecture. Beside showing the right path to the future architects and showing exceptional examples to experienced folks of the trade, this theme is raising awareness about more responsible building that pays its higher cost through… »

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Green architecture – California Academy of Sciences

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments7 October 2009

California Academy of SciencesIn this article we’re going to write about a beautiful green architecture that is worth visiting, and it’s the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. A crowning achievement of sustainable architecture, the Academy will house 38,000 live animals and it received LEED platinum award. It is currently the only institution in… »

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Green architecture – Citigroup Data Center in Frankfurt

By Damir Beciri
7 August 2009

citigroup-data-center-in-frankfurt-1Citi’s new Data Centre in Frankfurt has been awarded LEED Platinum, it’s the first data centre in the world to achieve a platinum rating and the first building in Germany to achieve LEED accreditation. The data centre plant topology, unit sizes and operating parameters have been selected to exceed reliability criteria and to enhance the… »