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Top 5 news and articles regarding green architecture in 2012

By Rob Aid
One Comment7 January 2013

top-5-2012-green-architectureWe’re glad that there’s a growing number of architects and architecture professors which promote green building, and our little contribution of fine examples of green architecture and sustainable solutions. While we’re still going to be picky about the projects we choose to cover, we’re going to widen our news and articles about architecture by describing… »


Green architecture – New Monte Rosa Hut

By Sonja Raca
One Comment19 January 2012

new-monte-rosa-hut-1The New Monte Rosa Hut represents one of the best uses of green architectural principles in harsh conditions of Monte Rosa in south Switzerland. The project proves that sustainable construction can be achieved in any setting, since it is nearly self-sufficient while being isolated, and it was built to withstand extreme climatic conditions. New Monte… »

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Green architecture – NASA’s Sustainability Base

By Damir Beciri
One Comment30 August 2009

nasa-sustainable-building-1The guys from NASA decided to work on green projects in order to set an example to other agencies around the world. After so many resources used for their missions, this is one of their first right steps. They decided to use their lunar base sustainable technology in order to make an environmentally friendly building… »