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Green architecture – Junction House, Melbourne

By Damir Beciri
3 Comments29 November 2013

junction-house-melbourne-1Situated in west Melbourne, the Junction House project required town planning due to the small lot size and its narrow northern frontage site. To overcome these issues, the architects decided to raise both the living areas and the mass of the building up. Aside being cleverly built, the house features various sustainable solutions which make… »


Top 5 news and articles regarding green architecture in 2012

By Rob Aid
One Comment7 January 2013

top-5-2012-green-architectureWe’re glad that there’s a growing number of architects and architecture professors which promote green building, and our little contribution of fine examples of green architecture and sustainable solutions. While we’re still going to be picky about the projects we choose to cover, we’re going to widen our news and articles about architecture by describing… »