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Small Eco Houses – Guinnard houses at Les Paccots, Switzerland

By Sonja Raca
15 July 2013

les-paccots-minergie-p-eco-house-1Two family houses owned by Guinnard family at Les Paccots in Switzerland belong to new generation of ecological projects with Minergie-P-Eco certification. Acquiring this certification is very demanding, and there were less than 350 objects in Switzerland that got this certificate until 2012. Unlike Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects standards, Minergie-P-Eco requires 40 percent… »


Hydrogen-powered utility vehicle being tested in Switzerland

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments17 March 2012

empa-hydrogen-carYou can often read about hydrogen powered vehicles that could be used in near future, but there was a project active since 2009 that intended to take hydrogen drives out of the laboratory and onto the streets in order to gain experience on using them under practical conditions. The subject of the pilot trial is… »


Green architecture – New Monte Rosa Hut

By Sonja Raca
One Comment19 January 2012

new-monte-rosa-hut-1The New Monte Rosa Hut represents one of the best uses of green architectural principles in harsh conditions of Monte Rosa in south Switzerland. The project proves that sustainable construction can be achieved in any setting, since it is nearly self-sufficient while being isolated, and it was built to withstand extreme climatic conditions. New Monte… »