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TransWall – transparent glass as interpersonal communication medium

By Maja Bosanac
10 October 2013

transwall-1A group of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a novel multi-sensory game media named “TransWall”, which utilizes both sides of the transparent glass wall as the touch medium. It enables people to see, hear, or even touch other people through the wall while enjoying gaming and interpersonal… »

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Tactus technology – haptic feedback on dynamic user interface

By Damir Beciri
12 January 2013

tactus-phone-qwertyAlthough touchscreens managed to change the way we interact with information, particularly with information on our portable devices, they provide insufficient tactile feedback. Unlike other tactile feedback technologies we previously covered, a Californian company Tactus came up with haptic feedback technology which creates physical buttons that can act as a mechanical keyboard. Tactus offers solution… »

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REVEL technology – haptic feedback on almost every surface

By Damir Beciri
One Comment7 August 2012

revel-mobile-arTechnology developed by Disney Research could be used to provide advanced tactile feedback to real-world surfaces and objects, including touch-screens, walls, furniture, wooden, or plastic objects, without requiring users to wear special gloves or use force-feedback devices. Named REVEL, the technology employs reverse electrovibration to create the illusion of changing textures as the user’s fingers… »

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Math study for visually impaired made easier with tablet app

By Damir Beciri
9 March 2012

haptic-math-appIn their effort to study the effectiveness of haptic technology – technology that takes provides feedback to user’s sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations or motions – researchers from the Vanderbilt University designed an application that could assist visually impaired students to master algebra, geometry, graphing and other subjects that are particularly hard to… »


Monkeys with Brain Machine Brain Interface move and feel virtual objects

By Damir Beciri
7 October 2011

monkey-uses-bmbiTwo monkeys trained at the Duke University Center for Neuroengineering learned to employ brain activity in order to move an avatar hand and identify the texture of virtual objects. Unlike a research where a monkey used its brain to move a robotic arm, this is a first demonstration of the two-way interaction between a primate… »


HAVEit project provides different levels of automated driving

By Damir Beciri
30 July 2011

haveit-dlr-jointsysteminteraction-1The EU funded R&D project named Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport (HAVEit) is set to develop research concepts and technologies for highly automated driving. The system would enable drivers to choose if they would like to take over driving responsibilities, merely receive “assistance” from the vehicle, or if they would like the vehicle to… »


Tangible holography – Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display

By Rob Aid
2 Comments6 August 2009

tokyouniversity-holography-2009Mid-air displays which project floating images in free space have been seen in SF movies for several decades. We wrote about technologies that contribute to the development of holograms (regarding data storage and potential interfaces that could be developed for usage with holographic technology) in our previous articles. Recently, they are attracting a lot of… »