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Origami inspired shape-shifting robots from MIT

By Damir Beciri
8 August 2010

mit-prototype-origami-robotBy combining origami and electrical engineering, researchers at MIT and Harvard are developing a transformable robot. The researchers have developed algorithms that, given a three-dimensional shape, can determine how to reproduce it by folding a sheet of semi-rigid material with a distinctive pattern of flexible creases. To test out their theories, they built a prototype… »


Turn any flat surface into a sound speaker – Kerchoonz K-box

By Rob Aid
7 Comments22 July 2009

kerchoonz-k-boxEver wanted your wall or table to play the music? In this article we’re not talking about flat and thin speakers, but rather of a gadget that turns any flat surface into a giant speaker. As personal music players are becoming more common, there’s another developing trend that is growing: the desire to share that… »


FFL – Flat Flexible Loudspeakers

By Damir Beciri
11 April 2009

Flat Flexible Loudspeakers (FFL)Talking walls or other artificially made objects are no rarity in sci-fi and soon those will become our everyday reality. Warwick Audio is a UK based company which develops a new form of mid-range loudspeaker technology Flat Flexible Loudspeakers, FFL. The FFL was first developed by Dr Duncan Billson and Professor David Hutchins of the… »