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Elder farmers in Japan to use power suits in the future?

By Damir Beciri
15 April 2010

tuat-japan-robo-suitWe already wrote about various power suits, but this one differs in its purpose. A Tokyo Agriculture and Technology (TAT) University postgraduate student is seen demonstrating the new power-assist suit for elderly agriculture workers, developed by Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology professor Shigeki Toyama. He plans to set up a company in order to… »


Kojiro – light and agile musculoskeletal humanoid robot

By Damir Beciri
6 March 2010

kojiroKojiro is an advanced musculoskeletal humanoid robot under development at the University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory. Kojiro’s creators designed its body to mimic the way our skeleton, muscles, and tendons work to generate motion. The goal is to build robots that are light and agile, capable of moving around and interacting with the physical… »


Tangible holography – Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display

By Rob Aid
2 Comments6 August 2009

tokyouniversity-holography-2009Mid-air displays which project floating images in free space have been seen in SF movies for several decades. We wrote about technologies that contribute to the development of holograms (regarding data storage and potential interfaces that could be developed for usage with holographic technology) in our previous articles. Recently, they are attracting a lot of… »


Baseball robot shows high-speed dexterity

By Damir Beciri
1 August 2009

japan-baseball-robotA robotic system which acts as a baseball pitcher and batter was made by Masatoshi Ishikawa from Tokyo University (Science Information System). Robot pitcher to throw a strike, about 9 percent of the time, the robot until the batter into the strike zone the ball, that hittable. It was made in order to demonstrate the… »


E-Skin – stretchable conductive film

By Milos Kuzmanovic
4 July 2009

JAPAN-SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGYIt is only a matter of time when robots will be more similar or even more advanced than humans. One big step toward this idea was made in Tokyo University. Research group led by Takao Someya, has found electronic skin or E-Skin, a material of very high conductivity that is flexible like ordinary rubber. According… »