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Top 5 articles regarding nature biomimicry in 2010

By Rob Aid
4 January 2011

top-5-2010-biomimicry-articles-robaidIf nothing else, the world around us had much more time to shape itself to the current layout we can see around us. By learning from nature, and implementing those ideas, we can improve the efficiency of current designs and technologies, or even come up with new technologies just by mimicking nature. Biomimicry has been… »

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Top 5 articles regarding robots in 2010

By Rob Aid
3 January 2011

top-5-2010-robots-articles-robaidThe main subject of our website is related to robots. After robots conquered the industrial applications, they are being developed to aid humans in their daily habits. The robots that are currently available for usage at home are either too clunky, or too expensive. Luckily, there are some cleaning robots that are affordable and useful,… »

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Top 5 articles regarding green architecture in 2010

By Rob Aid
2 Comments2 January 2011

top-5-2010-green-architecture-articles-robaidOne of the most popular subjects on our website, and a theme that has been covered weekly is green architecture. In this year’s articles about green architecture we covered completed projects which feature both aesthetic and sustainable qualities. We would like to thank to all the architects, builders, and designers who provided us with additional… »


2011 New Years Eve fireworks worldwide and our website in 2010

By Rob Aid
One Comment1 January 2011

fireworksHappy New Year! Just like in last year, after the whole world celebrated New Years Eve we publish our favorite compilation of fireworks display around the world. You can watch the Fireworks around the globe in 2011 New Years Eve video bellow. The compilation video will be changed to our favorite fireworks display video if… »

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Top 5 articles regarding robots in 2009

By Rob Aid
5 January 2010

top-5-articles-regarding-robots-robaidContrary to the popular opinion, Karel Capek, the author of RUR is not the inventor of the word robot. The word which is derived from the Czech noun “robota” meaning “labor” is an accomplishement of Capek’s older brother, the cubist painter and writer Josef Capek. Today, robots are becoming widely applied for medical, military, exploring,… »

Architecture| Lists| Tech»

Top 5 articles regarding green architecture in 2009

By Rob Aid
4 January 2010

top-5-articles-regarding-green-and-sustainable-architecture-robaidAfter we wrote about combination of art and technology, it was natural to shift to a theme related to green architecture. Beside showing the right path to the future architects and showing exceptional examples to experienced folks of the trade, this theme is raising awareness about more responsible building that pays its higher cost through… »

Lists| Tech»

Top 5 articles regarding technology in 2009

By Rob Aid
4 January 2010

top-5-articles-regarding-technology-robaidTechnology deals with human as well as other animal species’ usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects a species’ ability to control and adapt to its natural environment. Among other stories we covered, in last year we wrote various articles regarding energy harvesting and transfer, nanotechnologies, material, space, medical and construction… »

Gadgets| Lists»

Top 5 articles regarding gadgets and toys in 2009

By Rob Aid
3 January 2010

top-5-articles-regarding-gadgets-and-toys-robaidGadgets are all around us, some made to help us in our daily routine, some to entertain us and some are completely useless. Since we cover more than one niche, unlike gadget specialized sites, we wrote only about gadgets that impressed us by their functionality and implementation for an affordable price, or by their uniqueness… »