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Cypress’s finger hover detection for TrueTouch touchscreens

By Damir Beciri
24 April 2010

cypress-truetouch-hover-detectionCypress Semiconductor Corp. announced support for hover detection for their capacitive touchscreen technology. The new feature, driven by Cypress’s TrueTouch, enables smart touchscreen solutions that anticipate the touch of a finger and enlarge content such as points on a map or the font of tiny website links to make them easier to find and select…. »


PQ Labs Multi-Touch G3 touchscreen and a table form an iTable

By Damir Beciri
9 March 2010

itable-at-cebit-2010PQ Labs demonstrated their G3 touchscreen technology at this year’s CeBIT by installing it into a coffee table called the iTable. They have essentially taken the idea behind the Microsoft Surface and made it less bulky and cheaper (at least the folks from PQ Labs claim it will be). There are several variations of their… »