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TWIRP – dolphins-inspired radar can detect hidden surveillance and explosive devices

By Maja Bosanac
27 October 2013

dolphinCollaboration between researchers at the University of Southampton, researchers at the University College London, and Cobham Technical Services resulted in development of a novel kind of radar system called the twin inverted pulse radar (TWIRP) that can detect hidden surveillance equipment and explosives. Inspiration for the device scientists found in the way dolphin hunts the… »


Building Atomic Force Microscope with 3D printing, electronics and LEGO

By Damir Beciri
6 October 2013

lego2nano-working-on-afm-232 young scientists and designers from China and the UK took a challenge to take a week to develop a new type of low-cost scanning probe microscope, powerful enough to study the nano world. The world’s first low cost Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) has been developed in Beijing by an international group of students using… »


Ambient-savvy silicon oxide-based Resistive RAM memory chip

By Damir Beciri
One Comment18 May 2012

ucl-silicon-resistive-ramResearchers from the University College London (UCL) managed to construct the first purely silicon oxide-based ‘Resistive RAM’ (ReRAM) memory chip that can operate in ambient conditions. ReRAM chips promise far greater speed than currently available memory technologies, significantly greater memory storage, such as the Flash memory used on USB sticks, and require much less energy… »


Mind “reading” – What do you have to hide?

By Damir Beciri
28 November 2009

tinfoilhatHaving the ability to read someone’s mind with a “thought machine” has been developed more intensively during the last decade. Scientists showed that they could guess a person’s memory simply by looking at the electrical activity of the brain. They have found that spatial memories can be “read” by a brain scanner so that it… »