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Novel use of ultrasound in medicine and for brain stimulation

By Maja Bosanac
2 Comments19 July 2013

brain-1Researchers at the University of Arizona (UA) have discovered that ultrasound vibrations applied to specific areas of the brain may affect patients’ moods. This finding could lead to new treatments for various psychological and psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. It could pave the way for a broad range of new applications of ultrasound… »


TEX II – robotic planetary lake lander

By Damir Beciri
20 March 2012

ua-lakelanderA researcher from the University of Arizona has developed Tucson Explorer II (TEX II) – an autonomous robotic lake lander that could potentially be used to explore the lakes of liquid hydrocarbon known to exist on Saturn’s largest moon named Titan. The robot could be used in terrestrial applications such as search and rescue missions… »


Researchers made progress in holographic image animation

By Damir Beciri
5 November 2010

nasser-peyghambarian-holographic-imageA team from University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences, led by professor Nasser Peyghambarian, developed a new type of holographic telepresence that allows the projection of a three-dimensional, moving image without the need for special eyewear such as 3D glasses or other auxiliary devices. The technology is likely to take applications ranging from telemedicine,… »

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Lunar garden enables hydroponic growing of crops

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 September 2010

tomatoesResearchers at the University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) are demonstrating that plants from Earth could be grown hydroponically (without soil) on the moon or Mars, setting the table for astronauts who would find potatoes, peanuts, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables awaiting their arrival. The technology shows a great potential for application on… »