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Researchers develop better instant color-change lenses

By Damir Beciri
16 July 2011

sotzing-instant-color-change-lensesA team of researchers from University of Connecticut (UConn) perfected a method for creating quick-changing, variable colors in films and displays. They managed to make them less expensive and less wasteful to manufacture compared to any previous method. The technology could be used for displays, solar cells, OLEDs, transistors, vanity glasses, or glasses used by… »


Nao robot used by researchers to implement machine ethics

By Damir Beciri
9 November 2010

machine-ethics-robot-naoBy using information about specific ethical dilemmas supplied to them by ethicists, computers can effectively “learn” ethical principles in a process called machine learning. A team of researchers programmed Nao robot (toddler-sized robot we wrote about in our article about RoboCup 2009) with an ethical principle that was discovered by a computer. This learned principle… »