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Artificial photosynthesis system converts water into hydrogen

By Damir Beciri
One Comment20 October 2009

artificial-photosynthesis-3The energy available in sunlight is a resource we’ve only begun to really get a handle on. Current photovoltaic-cell technology, typically a semiconductor-based system, is expensive, not very efficient, and only does instant conversions from sunlight to electricity. But an artificial photosynthesis system or a photo-electrochemical cell that mimics what happens in plants could potentially… »


Femtosecond laser creates metal that can defy gravity

By Damir Beciri
5 June 2009

university-rochester-metal-slab-pumps-water-uphill.jpgIn nature, trees pull vast amounts of water from their roots up to their leaves through capillary action, but now scientists at the University of Rochester have created a simple slab of metal that lifts liquid using the same principle – but does so at a speed that would make nature envious. The technology could be… »