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Oxijet insert lowers water consumption without low pressure

By Damir Beciri
13 February 2013

oxijet-insert-aerated-water-savingsAs you could notice in our articles about architecture, lower water consumption is a big deal. While most of the mentioned solutions rely on re-use and low-flow fixtures, a group of researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) developed Oxijet – a shower nozzle insert that can save up to 50 percent… »


Green architecture – Crosby Street Hotel, New York

By Damir Beciri
2 Comments10 July 2011

crosby-street-hotel-1The Crosby Street Hotel has been awarded LEED Gold certification and it is verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). The 11-story hotel has nearly 7,900 square meters (85,000 square feet) with 86 guest suites, a 99-seat screening room, meeting rooms, a guest library, drawing rooms and a lounge, as well as a lobby… »