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3D xyZ Display – 3D TV from Zero Creative

By Damir Beciri
One Comment19 July 2009

xyz-faraoSince we’re currently not so close to mass production of hologram machines, the 3D television presents the next big thing or it is going to be a transition between television and the new generation of multimedia. Zero Creative, a company from Holland, keeps on spreading the application of their special “true” xyZ 3D display which enables the sense of real depth in a LCD display. Unlike normal screens, such as a TV or computer monitor, 3D xyZ Display provides the possibility that certain aspects of your presentation will literally come out of the screen, without the use of tools such as special 3D glasses.

To observe realistic 3D, our left eye needs to see a slightly different image than our right eye. When you close 1 eye, it’s impossible to see real depth and indicate distances. The xyZ 3D Displays are sending different images to your left and right eye. That is achieved with the usage of a special high quality lenticular lens. The lens handles the allocation of the image on subpixel level. B2B 3D displays are currently using an 8-view system, which, by developer’s opinion, gives the best multi-viewer result. Our eyes will see only 2 views at the time, enabling to look around the objects that are projected in front of the display. Special software and algorithms manage every subpixel being sent to the display in the appropriate way to view a correct 3D effect.

The displays are available in 3 sizes: 19”, 24” en 46”. They announced the launch of the first 2D/3D switchable 3D LCD monitor on the market later this year. This display allows both 2D and 3D high quality imaging and will be available in a 24″ model. The great advantage of this screen is that it is very useful as a desktop monitor. Business applications can be found in the (3D) CAD design world. But this 3D monitor will also appeal to consumers and especially the PC gamers, because it will bring 3D games to a whole new level of experience.

These screens can be used for business purposes such as an eye-catcher during special events or as exclusive interior element. All developments in the market suggest that 3D is “the next big thing”. Looking at the development of 3D imagery fits very well into the existing trends. Hollywood produces more and more 3D movies, the famous film producing company Dreamworks has indicated only doing 3D movies from 2009. After black and white, colour and HD TV, the developers claim the next years are about 3D TV.

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